Masakazu (Mark) Konishi

Masakazu (Mark) KonishiMasakazu (Mark) Konishi, commitment to education developed over a lifetime from his renowned career as a neuroethologist and Caltech professor, to a lover of Public Media.

Mr. Konishi passed away last year at the age of 87, but chose to leave a lasting legacy by naming KCET in his plans, ensuring KCET for future generations. Konishi was extremely keen on educating oneself on a vast spectrum of subjects, and KCET facilitated this for him. He always believed that no one person can be ‘too educated’ and that platforms such as KCET are critical in offering the public valuable, insightful, interesting, non-biased, and educational information.

If you would like to ensure KCET for future generations and make a legacy gift, please contact Mary Ordog at 747-201-5473 or